It’s so hard to miss someone.
It’s even harder when you don’t really get to speak to them much either.


Listen man, it’s okay if you aren’t into Gag, or Twitching Tongues, or Glue, or Zero Progress, or Backtrack or whatever. One of the sick things about hardcore is that it’s been around for like over 35 years and there’s tons of stuff for you to discover. Try getting into 80s Italian HC or Oi! from Japan or something. Just find some shit you like, jam it, and let everyone else do them. You know? You can’t be mad, they’re just doing them.

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Watch the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's The Book of Life.

I can’t wait to watch this!

Yes I love del Toro and I’m stoked! (despite Channing Tatum)

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They’re perfect 😍
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me at age 12:

ew older men


wow he's only 30?

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I wish

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Deepak Chopra

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